User Interface Design
User Experience Design
What we believe in
Custom UI/UX for your business.

User Interface Design

eAutus designs modern, user-friendly interfaces for all types of devices - laptops, tablets and phones. We create custom-solutions based on our clients’ need based on their target market and customers.

User Experience Design

eAutus creates easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, responsive and adaptive designs based on the user. We deliver end-to-end user experience for all of our clients’ business and products.

User Research & Testing

Understanding the target market and potential users is of utmost importance to us while designing an experience for the user. We conduct user testing in-house and with real users.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Clickable wireframes & prototypes to visualize and test your website or mobile application before production.

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We're a boutique firm that prides itself on hiring expert IT talent providing reliable 24x7 support services, offering cutting-edge enterprise technology & custom marketing solutions. We are your strategic partner, your virtual CIO and we will work together to achieve your business goals, fine-tune your IT planning, monitoring, support & maintenance, while engaging your target market digitally.
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